imageless wednesday..

actually, i wanna to start the wordless wednesday, which means dat... (all the bloggers know lah)

On Wednesdays all over the internet,
bloggers post a photograph with no
words to explain it on their blog.
Hence the ‘wordless’ title.
The idea is that the photo itself
says so much that it doesn’t need
any description.

ohyes, wanna to START. h0hox! just knowing about this. J.A.K.U.N. better late than never. ;) tapi tapi it changes already. dapat kat aku, dah jadi laen macham. aduh. because of bad line, broadband sometimes connected sometimes tak, and dengan hati yang berkobar-kobar nak buat wordless wednesday, so that i post this entry. juz change the concept. huhu. tak masuk akal. sebab tak pernah pon ada imageless wednesday. so, tak puas hati dengan aku? heh. =.=''

okay, cukup dengan entry ni, aku merasmikan permulaan imageless wednesday kepada semua blogger. sekian.

pssst; loading...loading...loading........(00) (oo) (..)


the GirL said...

org buat wordless wednesday, ko buat imageless lak..haha...

an_Nur said...

frust d0w. asyik takboleh je... ;(

M Firdaus Mohd said...

hakhak. bleh plak ada imageless wednesday!

the GirL said...

aku ltk link ko kt blog eyriqazz.com.. kasi femes..wakaka

an_Nur said...

@firdaus ; huhu. pon bolehhh~

an_Nur said...

@girL ; kau nak lempang ke nak lempang?? apoda!